Welcome To Fanama International

Fanama International is an Multi-Modal International Trading & Supply Company with multiple divisions for different categories, importer, Exporter& Suppliers for the Pharmaceutical Industries, Food & Packaging Industries, Medical professions requirements, Alternate Energy & Environmental products,all branded drugs, generic medicines, for human use, equipments, Medical instruments & healthcare products, including Active Pharma Ingredients).

Fanama International is able to supply, at very competitive prices, a wide range of branded pharmaceuticals, manufactured by multinational companies, as well as international export products and generics based on a philosophy of high quality, low price, and superior flexibility and point of care.

The following is just to give a very small idea of the range of items offered. Many are Branded and world class products in Pharmaceuticals Branded symbols.

Active Pharma Ingredients : Benzocaine, Butamben, Lidocaine Base & HCL, Piroxicam, Cinnarrizine, Isosorbide - 5 - Mono Nitrate, Calcium Dobesilate Mono Hydrate, Etamsylate, Vitamin E - 50 % Powder & Intermediates Like L-Serine Methyl Ester HCl, Venlafaxine Intermediate, Rafoxanide Intermediate, Fluconazole, Bupropion HCL Intermediate, Ketoconazole Intermediate, Irbesartan Intermediates and many more, including Emergency Power Systems, Consumer commodities, Hi Tech.. Instruments, Precision Instruments, Optical Fibre cables and systems, Water Purification systems, Chemicals & Filters, PP Pellets , Injection Moulding Compounds, UPS systems, and many other products , more affordable to people all around the world.... More >>